'What is a diet?'
Hypothetical piece

Now, before you squeal and side step away, let’s all take a seat around a virtual campfire and discuss what it is and how we can re-define a word that has bucket loads of stigma attached.

Are you the ‘On and off’ dieter?

So this type of diet-striver is the type of person who sees the potential of what a diet can bring to one’s self, but just can’t stay on for the ride. We’ve all been there. Starting out with great intentions and that you’ll actually be happy in your body this summer, however, as quickly as your enthusiasm came, it dives deep into the darkness of the snack aisle and you inevitably buy that XL packet of BBQ crinkle cut chips.

What about the ‘Cold turkey’?

Now, not many of us fit into this category, because let’s face it, we don’t all have the willpower of Gandhi. We all dream about the day we can spontaneously quit a bad habit and never think about it again. This is exactly why not many of us fit into this way of dieting, because it's a dangerous road to walk down. Once you step into it, you have to be committed 100%, otherwise you come crashing down and it’s even harder to get back up.

The ‘360’ dieter.

This dieter represents a lot of us. You commit to a simple, quick and easy diet...you know, like the one where you replace a meal with a supposedly plant-based, powdered smoothie. After successfully staying on it for a month, you notice you’ve lost the 5kgs’ you aimed to lose and are sitting on cloud 9. Alas! A month after and you’re back to pasta every night and you’re scrounging around for those snacks in your bag. Before you know it, you’ve gained the weight back and are sitting back where you were 2 months ago.

What should a diet be?

Have you actually asked yourself that before, or have you blindly followed the latest health trend? We are all guilty of this, don’t deny it. Before we start sounding like your parents, hear us out on the origins of the word diet. Technically, it actually stemmed from the Greek word ‘diaita’ which translates to ‘a way of life’. Now, consider for a second what that phrase actually means, let it brew and sink in. It suggests, that unlike our modern definitions of the word ‘diet’ - a diet is a way of living, not something that defines how you lose weight.  

With that in mind, how do you now view the food you consume? If you are happy eating the food you do, you have to then be comfortable with how it affects your way of life and your body. You can’t go and eat that double patty burger with the lot, dipped in gravy (yes it’s a thing!) every night, and then say ‘I’m not happy with how I feel’. We hate to burst your bubble, but it doesn’t work like that. If you aren’t happy with how you feel, then you have to ask yourself what needs to change and think about how you can sustain it. These are the questions that get lost under all those adverts for how to lose weight in 10 days.

A diet, your diet, should be how you want to live your life, all encompassing - what food you eat, what exercise you do, the state of your mental and emotional health, all play a part in this.

'how to ride a bike'
peronsal piece


So, how do you prove you can do something when you don’t have the track record? It’s like saying you know how to cyclocross and that you spend weekends ripping up terrain with Ceylin del Carmen Alvarado, whilst in reality the only time you’ve touched a bike was when you were 2 years old, the bike was actually a tricycle and also made of plastic. But yet, somehow, your inner Michelle Obama is saying, ‘Yes! You can do this and you can do this with conviction!’.

Now we know what you’re thinking, a positive attitude and willingness to learn will get your tires filled with air and your seat boosted, but what about balance? If we were all channeling the wise words of Yoda from far, far away, he would probably wave his hand in front of him and say, ‘Move forward without finding your balance, you can not’.


Philippe Petit. The master of the high wire. The man in the clouds. If he isn’t the king of balance, we don’t know who is! He is the only person to have illegally installed and walked across a wire placed between and on top of the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre, back in 1974. Not only did he walk across just once, but he did 8 passes, teasing the police in the process. Before this epic event, he also did the same at Notre Dame and the Sydney Harbor Bridge. Granted, not all of us have such epic, attention seeking ways of learning how to balance yourself, but you can definitely see that with practise and persistence, you can achieve something. It may not result in world fame, but at least you will be able to embrace the joy of doing something you haven’t done before. Without mastering balance you have no hope of staying upright, if you can’t commit to that, then you may as well stick to being the person that every else has to dinky.


Have you ever tread water before? Now this question might take you way back to early high school to a time where everyone was awkward and covered in hormonal pimples, but stick with us. When you were old enough, swim teachers would tell you to jump in the water and tread for 10 mins without touching anything, you had to stay afloat in the water all on your own. The point of this exercise was that in case you ever fell overboard on a boat, or if you got washed out to sea when your were at the beach, you could stay afloat. Before blindly jumping into the pool, it feels very much like a do or die moment - do you jump of the pool edge and join the rest of your fellow students struggling like water buffalos getting out of mud, or do you just bail and reside yourself to knowing that you’ll never go on a boat in your lifetime?

Now for those of you who didn’t have the pleasure of having this experience, 10 mins may sound relatively quick. In reality it actually feels like every minute is an hour and that your limbs were going to drop off into the depths of the water. As horrible as this experience is, it does reinforced your stamina. Much like when you use the circular motion of pedals on a bike, the continuous motion gives you a push forward whilst your legs sustain the pedalling.

Now, what’s the point in pedalling when you can’t steer? These two things come hand in hand. Like peaches and cream, John Butler would say.


Are you a captain? Do you know how to steer a ship? Your answer is most likely to be no, but haven’t you ever wondered what it’d be like to navigate the unknown waters of the globe like a badass with a patched eye and parrot on your shoulder? Sounds thrilling, exciting and makes us think about all the places we can go. Oh! The possibilities! If you turn the wheel left or right, and push forward on your pedals, you can steer.

Having learnt confidence, balance, peddling and steering, you have the right skills to move forward - to try new things and to put yourself out there. With these skills, you can ride a bike.

'The colour Blue'
for Yarn Yarns - The Story Behind the Garment

"Betty Blue.

A name Betty's pop gave her at the age of 5. It was a time in her life where she was smitten with anything blue. Whether it was aqua coloured treasure found on the beach, a cake swirled with blue icing or the clear azure sky on a hot summers day - she could stare at the colour blue for ever.

Over the years growing up, Betty lost her love and obsession for blue. Distracted by mustards and chocolate browns of the 1970's, she was content following the trends that clashed with her beautiful ice blue eyes.

Whilst having a family dinner one night to celebrate her 21st birthday, her pop pulled her aside to discreetly pass on a birthday present. It was a neat box tied with a lush blue ribbon. As Betty opened the box and pulled back the tissue paper, a beautiful blue paisley fabric appeared.

It was a little blue dress. It was a dress that triggered nostalgic memories from her childhood, the type of memories that bring the smell of sea breeze, the taste of a sweet cake and the feeling of summer days that never end."

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Product Review; 'A Teen Girl's Guide to Getting Off'
for Neutral.love

".....What a marvelous little guide. It is exactly that, a guide. No it isn’t all about biology and those lame words about the birds and the bees. It’s about much more than that. Everything from understanding what being a teenager can be like, the act of sex, understanding what porn and erotica is, right up to STI’s.

Most importantly this book doesn’t tell you not to have a sex as a teen, but rather accepts the fact that being a teen comes with exploration and a whole lot of ‘Why? What? How? Who am I? What is self care?’.

It tells you that being a teen not simple, it’s complicated, and that’s okay. ......"

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Product Review; 'Not On My Watch'
for Neutral.love

"..... If you’re like us and don’t like to read too much about heavy topics like consent, peer pressure or sexual abuse, drug and alcohol use, don’t be afraid of picking up this handbook. Whilst it explores sensitive content, it is displayed in comic book format - words and imagery. We couldn’t be more happy to find an educational book that is easy to read.

First you are drawn in by the front cover - one that hints at prevention itself by its use of colour, western style font and graphics. Furthermore you are reassured in the first couple pages of the book. It warns readers that it does contain sensitive content and if you struggle reading it at any time, you should reach out for help. This only confirms that this handbook is a result of passion and personal care. ....."

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Poem 'Provocative Flowers'
for Neutral.love

"Calmly and slowly,

Moving up the stem like a warmed knife gliding through butter.

Tingling and intrigued,

The feeling is endless, as if you were looking out at a desert horizon,

Forever moving in a constant direction.

Anticipation building,

Moving with the natures energy.

Suddenly, smooth lines of the stalk are interrupted with luring shapes.

Ebb and flow,

Up and down.

Intensity grows as the petals stretch out wider and wider,


The flower's beauty is held with stiffness.

Reaching maturity and ultimate relief.


Full in bloom and ecstasy."

Review 'A-SPACE; Heart meditation Session'
for Neutral.love

"..... Upon walking through the A-SPACE doors, you are greeted by incredibly warm and friendly staff. Once checked in, you are lead through some more doors and arrive in a nice light filled space. Yes, one that looks like any other hipster yoga studio - but let's be honest, who doesn't love crafted plywood cabinetry, beautifully cared for indoor plants and a quiet space?!

Shoes came off and we entered a pleasant, pre-meditation nook, where we settled our soul with some herbal tea. It was also a nice opportunity to have a little chat to others who were attending the same class. Almost immediately we notice one of the best things about mediation - you can wear anything you like. No yoga pants needed here! Which means you can come straight from work or on your way to somewhere else!....."

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Product Review 'YES Organic WB Lube'
for Neutral.love

"..... YES to lube, YES to organic and YES to sleek relief!

Gone are the days of weirdly shaped lube bottles that somehow look like dildos! We have a new kid on the block - well, new to us! YES are ahead of the lube game with a considered and well researched product.

This month we spent a lot of our sexy time using YES Water Based Organic lube.

At first glance it could easily be mistaken for any boutique beauty product. If you are one to pick wines based on pretty labels like we do, then YES lube is for you. The product is just as good as their packaging. It's also important to note that YES was founded by two very daring and amazing women, Susi Lennox and Sarah Brooks. With extensive experience and knowledge in drug safety they were able to create a great product that is free from harmful ingredients. ....."

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Review 'Nikki Darling Workshop; Dirty Talk and Role Play'
for Neutral.love

"..... We won’t lie, having a drink from the bar definitely helped calm the nerves. The mood was relaxed from the get go - the perfect space to either sit with a group of friends or hide in a corner on your own.

Being the perfect sex educator duo, you could tell that Kate and Louise were the best choice for this workshop. Having worked with each other for over 6 years, they called themselves ‘professional soulmates’. Straight away they put the crowd at ease, acknowledging discomfort and no judgement if you have to leave the room at any time. You could tell that this workshop wouldn’t be one of awkward sex talks, but one of humour, intelligence and full of tips. ....."

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Product Review 'Perlesque; Sex Toys, Exploring Each others Bodies'
for Neutral.love

"..... Meet Selene and Iris. 

If you usually get overwhelmed by sex toys because they come in strange bright colours and weird shapes that look like uranium packed home-grown vegetables, then you’ll probably like what Persleque have crafted. These beauties are slim, functional, neutral and just lots of fun.

Regardless of how long you’ve been with you significant other, we found these two friends to be a great tool for exploring each other bodies - even if it leads to sex or not!

If you want to start things slow, we’d suggest using Selene first.

She is a palm massager with a range of different vibrations and pulses you can select if you desire a different feel. Though she isn’t for internal use, she is perfect for everything else. Brush her over you or your partner’s nipples or gently move Selene down your partner's back - going on an adventure with her is not to be missed. Depending on your mood, you can tease and tantalise, creating the perfect foreplay. Play with her roughly or softly. Take your time with her and she’ll deliver the goods! Just remember she isn’t waterproof so keep her dry. ....."

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